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March 8, 2016

Ailments From Long Working Hours

Nowadays there are different kinds of ailments that people suffer from due to long working hours that are spent mostly sitting in one position and with less physical movement. Due to such postures and daily stress, the muscles at the back, shoulders and neck are affected as well as people find problems with the hand muscles as they browse and type incessantly on their computers. Even if you face these issues, you might need to sit up and take notice and take steps that are necessary.

Spinal problems

The main issue arises with the spine. Most people who sit for long hours are often absent minded about their posture. As a result, they stoop and slouch and that cause greater stress on the spine. This leads to back pain and many experience the pain by the end of the day when their body feels sore and tired. While you could approach fitness centers for back pain treatment, it is necessary to take preventative measures from such a problem becoming chronic.

Cervical problems

Related to lower back problems are problems of the upper part of the spine, around the neck and shoulder region. As we stay tensed and in the same position for long, this part becomes stiff and can become sore and painful by the end of the day. Hence, you might seek a solution for this problem when you seek out chiropractic centre at Brisbane. However, it might be difficult and inconvenient to seek medical intervention every time. For these reasons, it is necessary to make certain changes in one’s daily habits and fitness regime.

Incorporate exercises everyday

It is imperative that one exercise every day in order to prevent such problems from coming in. From stretches to cardio and strength training, these need to be built into a balanced workout regime that needs to be followed at least four to five days a week. This will help improve flexibility of the muscles and strengthen them, allowing them to bear the stress and strain that you put through them during the long working hours. It is also imperative that one breaks down their working hours and takes a break every hour or so in order to stretch and walk around so that the muscles and joints are kept mobilized.

Diet to follow

The other aspect that harms the health of the spine, joints and muscles is lack of a wholesome diet. Simple points like ensuring adequate water intake, balanced meals of fruits, vegetables and cooked meals as well as avoiding long hours of fasting will ensure that the system remains nutritionally rich and healthy, being able to combat the adverse effects of stress. These are some points that all fitness and health experts stress on for a healthy and active individual.