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June 23, 2017

Traditional Medicine Versus Modern Medicine

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Most people in this modern day and age will go to a western medicine doctor for even the slightest issue and would not even consider Ayurveda medicine or natural cures to be an option however they do not realize just how dangerous modern medicine can be in large quantities. While admittedly for a serious illness modern medicine would be your best option you will be surprised to see just how much better you will feel simply by eating certain food and herbs. A quick look on google will show you which food types are good for curing which illnesses.naturopath Prevention better than cureThe main difference between modern medicine and traditional medicine is that modern medicine will treat the symptoms of the illness and will cure it temporarily without considering the cause of the illness or symptoms. A naturopath on the other hand will use herbs and food to treat the underlying cause of the illness so that you will not get it again.

The food that is recommended will also work to strengthen your immune system so that you will not get the illness again. As an example, if you think about the occurrence of cholesterol and the way doctors react toward it. You will see that modern medication will treat the symptoms and control the illness without checking on your diet and the food that you consume daily which is what caused the cholesterol in the first place and which is what keeps it continuing.

A change in diet can help to not only cure cholesterol but also to heal it completely.If you are having a bad body pain for example traditional medicine will use techniques such as remedial massage in Penrith and other techniques to heal the problem whereas modern medicine will give you antibiotics which are detrimental to the immune system.

The antibiotics and the pain killers that will be recommended to you are not going to cure the torn muscle or make it better but will simply mask the pain and symptoms until it heals itself. On the other hand, if you were to visit a traditional medication doctor, they will heal the muscle itself and will put it back in to place if your muscle has jumped thereby making the problem itself get better. You will be surprised to find that many of the food freely available to us have healing powers and can prevent various diseases. One example is star fruit that has been known to prevent diabetes and also reverse diabetes. It is natural and not harmful to the body. To view more traditional medicine services please visit 

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