Benefits Of Fluoride Treatment

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Benefits Of Fluoride Treatment

January 2, 2018 Dental Care 0
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Do you have any idea what is fluoride? It is an element which occurs naturally and strengthens the teeth. Fluoride also prevents the teeth from decay. According to the experts, to prevent tooth decay, the best way is to use the different sources of fluoride. It is a mineral that can be found in all sorts of water sources inclusive the oceans. It not only helps to restore the initial stages of decaying of tooth, but also lowers the chances of cavities in children as well as adults. It is the best fighter for the cavity and can keep the entire family’s teeth very strong irrespective of their age. As soon as it reaches your teeth, it gets absorbed in the enamel. It restores the enamel and refills the phosphorus and lost calcium so that your teeth can be kept hard. This process is known as re-mineralisation. Remember that fluoride is the most effective thing to help or prevent your teeth from decaying. For over 50 years the benefits of fluoride is known to everyone and many organisations have supported this. In the dentistry language, a layer of some particular material is established over the tooth known as veneers Parramatta. It enhances the beauty of the smile and also protects the surface of the tooth from getting damaged.

The two types of materials used for this layer are composite as well as dental porcelain.If anyone had an injury or due to some other reason had lost his teeth then the person can opt for the better dental implants. Now, fluoride works mainly in two ways – Tropical fluoride and systemic fluoride. The reasons for taking fluoride treatment: 

On surfaces of the teeth, where chewing takes place, if any deep pits or fissures occurs.

  • If the root surface is sensitive and exposed.
  • If the habits of oral hygiene is from fair to poor.
  • If you intake sugar or carbohydrate very frequently.
  • Due to some medications or any medical grounds, if there is an inadequate saliva flow.
  • If any dental decay in the recent times.Benefits of Fluoride Treatment:-It protects against tooth decay. This naturally occurring mineral surrounds the teeth by a tough as well as a strong protective layer.It lowers your dentist’s bill. If you pay a decent amount on fluoride treatment then down the line it will save a lot of money for you.Though fluoride directly does not enhance the beauty of your teeth and smile but can help you to fight back the reasons of misalignment, gaps and discolouration. To conclude, always keep in mind that alone fluoride cannot prevent the tooth decay completely. You need to take care of your teeth by brushing twice daily, flossing on a regular basis, eating a balanced diet or meal, eating less sugary food and above all visiting your dentist regularly.