Getting Kids Interested In Taking Care Of Oral Health

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Getting Kids Interested In Taking Care Of Oral Health

January 5, 2018 Dental Care 0
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We all know how important oral health is; not only to give us a dashing appearing but also to assist with other activities such as chewing food and speaking. Therefore, we try to get our children interested in protecting their teeth, gums, etc. I know most parents would agree with me when I say that this is easier said than done.

If you are one of those parents who is struggling to get your child to take care of his or her oral health, you may benefit from the following.

Make the regular visit to the practitioner fun

Do not drag your child to the dental clinic from Cowes. Instead, make it a fun journey so that your kid will remind you the next time the visit is due. Most practitioners I have met are quite good with kids and the children look forward to the next visit simply to see him or her. However, if your child does not, for some reason, like the visit, try changing the practitioner as some children tend to be quite particular about the person who treats them.You can also make it a habit to drop in to a play area once your visit is over or you could go to some place the kid likes so that he or she will not fuss when it is time to go for the next routine check-up.

Choose toothpaste that tastes good

You will never be able to make kids brush their teeth with something that is too minty or spicy or does not taste good. That is why there are special toothpastes specially for kids that come in all lovely flavours such as strawberry, orange, etc.

Select a good toothbrush

There are so many varieties of toothbrushes in the market but not all will help you in protecting your teeth. Therefore, you need to identify a good brush that can reach all teeth and will properly clean the gums also. If you need any assistance, I am sure your dentist will be more than happy to help.If you can afford to, buy two or more toothbrushes of different designs (keeping in mind the essential properties of a good brush) so that you can give your child the option of choosing which brush he/she wants to use. This will become a game to them and they will look forward to the next brushing time.

Brush with them

All kids love activities where their parents are involved. So, if you make it a habit to brush with your kids, they will not forego the opportunity to spend some extra time with you for anything. You can make faces and show them in the mirror and while doing the fun activities you can also show them the proper brushing techniques.


Lastly, make sure to floss. This is a fun activity that almost every kid likes. You can either do it for them or ask them to do it themselves if you are certain that they are capable.