Is It Foot Pain Or Heel Spur?

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Is It Foot Pain Or Heel Spur?

January 16, 2017 Medical Services 0
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Many people believe that a pain in the foot is happening because of heel spur. This is a common thinking. But, all the times heel spur is not responsible for causing pain your foot.

People who walk for long distances, run for long hours, always carry heavy weight and put pressure on their feet. Those who have Achilles tendon can have high chances of discomfort or heel bone inflammation. Achilles tendon is the connecting link of the heel bone and the cafe muscle. If you have such conditions, you should visit a podiatrist at North Ryde immediately.

Treat the foot injuries as soon as possible – If you left the foot injuries untreated, then it can create deep injuries in the foot’s ball or in the foot’s fat pad. You must do a treatment on your bone fractures quickly. Don’t put too much pressure on your injured foot as it will cause more pain later on. If your doctor advised you to take rest, then you must not run, walk with your injured foot. Find the Sydney sports podiatry specialist and get rid of these issues.

Undoubtedly, women look elegant and tall by wearing high heels, but such heels can hamper your health too. Doctors recommend avoiding heels as it can cause back pain and other things. A tissue becomes thick near the nerve between the toes of the bases. And this causes foot pain and foot’s ball can become numb out of extreme pain.

Arch pain is also painful and troublesome. Arch pain happens most of the times from plantar fasciitis, which increases the pain of the foot’s arch and heel. Generally, arch pains happen in the morning time and also after sitting in the same position, area for a long time. Arch pain is also known as ‘start-up again’.

Swelling and inflammation from arthritis can give birth to pain, most of the times. Indeed, arthritis badly affects the middle section of the foot as well as big toe joint. But, claw toe, hammer toe, bunions, turf toe and ingrown toenails can be the root cause of trouble too.

Stretching of your body is as important as stretching of your foot. Your general physician can tell you and teach you the ways, right techniques to stretch your foot. The processes are easy and you can do it at home easily.

A shoe is not perfect for all kinds of activities and games. That’s why it is recommended to wear running shoes for running, hiking shoes at the time of doing hike.