Things Your Feet Are Revealing About Your Overall Health

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Things Your Feet Are Revealing About Your Overall Health

March 1, 2019 Medical Services 0
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You might have heard or even seen explanations and diagrams that proves every part of your body has a connection to the feet. So if you are suffering from a headache or stomach-ache massaging on the right spot that connects would help a lot in curing it in no time. This applies even the other way around too. Here are some such things your feet are revealing about your health.

Dry skin

Though most of the times cracked feet are simply ignored, you just might not know it is a serious condition that you should be dealing with in the right way. If the skin is dry, flaky or cracked around the heel it might be a warning of possible thyroid conditions. It is the thyroid gland that produces hormones that regulate your metabolism rate, blood pressure and nervous system function. Therefore, there is a possibility that signs are a reflection of possible complications in this gland. Of course it could also be simply because of the lack of water in your body or other minor reasons. Nonetheless, when you sense such changes to meet up with an expert foot doctor and get the right treatment.

No toe hair

Hair on toes though more visible in men, is present on women too. In fact having them is a sign of a good and healthy blood flow and the lack of it is in fact a problem that you should be concerned about. One cause of the lack of blood flow could be as result of peripheral artery diseases. This mainly happens when plaque builds up in the arteries of your legs. If left untreated through a podiatry clinic it could even result in a heart attack or amputation.

Numb feet

We have all felt numb feet after a deep sleep or being in the same position for a long time without any movement. And while that is rather normal, facing numbness when you are perfectly active is a condition that you shouldn’t be ignoring. It is in fact connected to type 2 diabetes thus increasing the risk of further complications throughout your body. So if you are feeling regular numbness and your wounds aren’t heeling as fast as they were, then meeting up with a doctor would be best to prevent worse outcomes.

Dark toes without injuries

Usually if you drop something hard on your toes or bump it hard on to a table or something it tends to get dark in colour. However, if you see these dark spots without any accident or other, you just might have to consult a doctor as it is a sign of melanoma.So consider the above symptoms and make appointments with a professional in case you do notice something even more unusual!