Using Ear Buds; How Loud Is Too Loud

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Using Ear Buds; How Loud Is Too Loud

December 10, 2015 Medical Services 0
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When it comes to using ear buds, we have all becomes used to using it as an extra limb. People of all ages use them and it has become a daily part of life for most of us who travel by public transport. But as new studies suggest, using them on a long term basis may not seem like a great idea for hearing aids Phonak, even if we think otherwise. So how do you know that your volume levels are too high? Here are some tips.

#1 How does the damage happen

Listening to loud sounds on a continuous and a daily basis can lead to loss of ability to make out sounds. This fact has been understood by the medical society since a long time ago and most of the ENT doctors turn to this explanation as the cause of losing the capacity to listen to sounds a normal people can after the adverse effects of using ear buds with high volume on a regular basis.

#2 Levels of damage

This depends entirely on how long you listen to sounds using ear buds and how high you have the volume on during that period of time. A longer period of time with the highest volumes usually leads to being unable to make out sounds faster.

#4 Levels of loudness

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration that has standards fixed for loud noises in workplace is a good set of standards to be practiced on your own family too. According to this set of standards 85 decibels for eight hours is the safe one and going lower than that is alright too. But once you pass the limit of 85 decibels then the length of time you listen to the sounds at the higher decibel levels must be decreased. The rules were set according to 5 decibels of noise that increases after 85 decibels then the length of time the listening goes on for must decrease by half. So if you plan to listen to music for more than four hours at 99 decibels then you will need to invest on a good pair of hearing aids products in Melbourne at Abi Hearing.

#5 How do you judge the decibel level

Usually if you are having a hard time making out someone talking to you around an arm’s length away from you, then the most case scenario is that you are listening to levels higher than 85 decibels recommended by the good doctor. And when you are talking if you need to raise your voice to make out what you are saying then you are above the levels of 85 decibels. So better go stay in the levels that you can actually make out what your own voice is saying rather than start saving for hearing aids products.

Make sure to keep the volume levels in the middle of the volume bar to keep your ability to make out sounds.